Cheap photography?

I'm afraid that this post is a little rant over how little value people put on the skills of a professional photographer.

Have a look at the job brief I found on a popular freelance website and then look at how much they are prepared to pay.

To translate the brief what this person is asking for is a professional photographer with a studio based in London to spend about two hours photographing a piece (or pieces) of reasonably large ceramic art and producing an unknown quantity of high quality photographs. 

With a budget of £40 to £41 pounds the photographer they eventually hire is unlikely to be insured, essential when handling clients property, nor are they likely to be experienced in the art of photographing ceramics.

This photograph of a ceramic egg cup and holder (made by a local artist) demonstrates the skills required to photograph ceramics or any reflective surface for that matter.

In order to get the best results you need to control the light to avoid reflections and 'hot spots' otherwise all the detail becomes lost.​  You can see that I've placed the reflections away from the pattern allowing the viewer to see the gloss effect but without losing the detail of the pattern.

Secondary lighting and use of reflectors have then been used to reduce the shadows created from the overhead lighting.  Consideration has also been given to the placement of the camera and photographer to avoid appearing as a reflection in the bowl.

After the photograph has been taken it is then digitally developed, a process that ensures the colours are correct, any marks and blemishes on the products are removed before saving the photograph in a file format and size suitable for your requirements.


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