Christmas gift ideas for the

photographer in your life.

With only 22 days until Christmas panic may be starting to set in as you try to think of what to buy the photographer who seems to have everything but help is at hand. There are a phenomenal number of gifts and gadgets that are available for photographers, some more useful than others, so to help you buy gifts that won't need to be returned here are a few of my favourite gift ideas. 

Nitrite glow in the dark keying

These little beauties don't require sunlight to charge them and will stay glowing for up to ten years and can be attached to all sorts of equipment that you want to be able to find quickly in the dark. I have a very worn one attached to my keys and it's still going strong over 7 years later. 


Available from here.



Dehumidifying crystals

Pop this little tin into your kit bag and stop the build build up of potentially damaging moisture. Once the indicator changes colour just pop it into the oven to recharge the crystals inside. 


Available from here.



Macbeth colour chart

Is the photographer in your complaining about colour balance? Do they spend hours on their computer getting skin to look human? If so then then can help to speed up colour corrections and ensure prints are the right colour. 


Avaialable from here.



Polarising filter

These black disks of glass screw onto the front of the lens and polarise the light as it enters the camera. By rotating the front of the filter unsightly reflections from water and glass will be removed as if by magic.


Available from here.



Memory card management system 

A posh name for a bag that's designed for holding all the little memory cards that have been acquired over the years.  There are many available on the market but this is my favourite at the moment. 


Available from here.






A box load of batteries

If the photographer in your life has an external flash they will need batteries. I have a great number of rechargeable batteries but they don't tend to hold their charge and so I find I have to ensure that they are charged before each job and when this isn't possible I revert to my trusty Durecells. When buying rechargeable batteries buy ones with at least 1800mAh rating.


Available at most supermarkets or online.



A photography bag

There are many, many companies that produce camera bags is as many designs and if my collection is to go by you can never have enough. I have small ones for when I want to travel light all the way up to military looking rucksacks. Lowepro have a huge range from shoulder bags to rucksacks offering something for everyone.


Available from here.









A posh box for all their equipment

Photography equipment isn't cheap and can be damaged easily so if the photographer in your life has more equipment than they know what to do with or insist on taking it all with them every time they go out with their camera then they need a Pelicase. 


Available from here.




Color Munki screen and printer calibrator

This is for the serious photographer who knows that colour profiling is essential to achieving outstanding photographic prints.  This is a professional piece of kit for any photographer and helps ensure home prints look as good as they do on the back of the camera. 


Available from here.




Photo tuition gift vouchers from Lantern Photography

Whilst buying any of the other gift ideas won't line my pockets with silver this shameless plug will help your photographer to improve their photography and get more from their cameras whilst at the same time pay my mortgage. 

You can choose from photo walks, remote tuition or 1on1 lessons. 


Email for more information.


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