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Lantern Photography is based in Sidmouth,  East Devon and can be contacted on 07479 481441

Photography news and articles

Gift ideas for the photographer in your life

You need to buy that special someone a gift and you know they are into their photography but are unsure what gift to buy them then look no further....  READ MORE​

Steaming into Swindon Monopoly

PIt only seems like yesterday that I was taking photographs for Swindon's number 1 visitor attraction, STEAM - Museum of the Great Western Railway, and just over 5 years later one of those photographs not only....  READ MORE​

Cheap Photography

Photography is easy, point a half decent DSLR camera at the subject and press the shutter release button and you've become a professional photographer or so you would think from this brief....  READ MORE

Keeping it fresh


Regular visitors to my photography website may have noticed that the website looks a little different, very different some might say.  There is a very good reason for this which is.....  READ MORE

Prime time photography

DSLR cameras are great but I often end up taking every lens because I always think 'what if I see... then I will need this lens' so I attached my trusty 50mm prime and forced myself to.....  READ MORE

Jeremy Clarkson has one

As well as taking photographs for you Lantern Photgoraphy also from time to time produce a series of prints selling them to collectors of high quality art.  When Chipping Norton Lido wanted something unique to give to.....  READ MORE​