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Photography news and articles

Gift ideas for the photographer in your life

You need to buy that special someone a gift and you know they are into their photography but are unsure what gift to buy them then look no further....  READ MORE​

Steaming into Swindon Monopoly

PIt only seems like yesterday that I was taking photographs for Swindon's number 1 visitor attraction, STEAM - Museum of the Great Western Railway, and just over 5 years later one of those photographs not only....  READ MORE​

Cheap Photography

Photography is easy, point a half decent DSLR camera at the subject and press the shutter release button and you've become a professional photographer or so you would think from this brief....  READ MORE

Keeping it fresh


Regular visitors to my photography website may have noticed that the website looks a little different, very different some might say.  There is a very good reason for this which is.....  READ MORE

Prime time photography

DSLR cameras are great but I often end up taking every lens because I always think 'what if I see... then I will need this lens' so I attached my trusty 50mm prime and forced myself to.....  READ MORE

Jeremy Clarkson has one

As well as taking photographs for you Lantern Photgoraphy also from time to time produce a series of prints selling them to collectors of high quality art.  When Chipping Norton Lido wanted something unique to give to.....  READ MORE​

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